Website translations

Translating websites involves more than just ‘literal translation’.

In the first place, it’s not enough to simply correctly convert the website texts to another language. The translation also needs to bring across the same ‘message’ as the original text. After all, the writing on your website determines your company’s image and no doubt it’s the product of many hours of careful planning and editing to compose just the right memorable and attractive words. Therefore, the translated text should also have the same impact on the people who read your website as the original text.

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What works well in one language may not work at all in another. At Lexitech, we always strive to find the best possible wording. We do our utmost to customise the texts to your website. We adjust our language, the content and the presentation to your target audience.

And of course, you also want to see your website score just as well on Google as your original website. This involves what is called Search Engine Optimisation. Our translators know exactly how to write and compose a website to ensure that you’ll get plenty of hits on Google. Why should you pay for special placement on Google, if you can get it for free by using a few simple tricks?

Not everyone feels at home with the challenge of creating a good website translation. That’s why we keep records for all of our translators on their background, areas of specialisation and their strengths based on previous projects they have done for us. This enables us to find the best possible translator for your project.

Getting the translation of your website just right can be a time-consuming undertaking. But we’ll see to it that we respect the established deadline and the budget. We also maintain glossaries so that on all of your projects, we can use the same consistent terminology. Our translation software also helps us to work more efficiently and therefore more rapidly as well.


  • Product and service marketing websites translation
  • Event and conferences websites translation
  • Blog posts, press releases translation
  • Videos and webcasts translation
  • Professional and educational websites translation


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