Technical and industrial translations

You put a great deal of time and energy into your company or organisation’s technical and industrial communication. This is, after all, a key to building your success in your home country. If you would also like to reach markets abroad, you will need to develop your communication there with equal care. Lexitech can help you to effectively translate even the most technical material.

Translations of technical and industrial texts need to be just as clear and concise as the original text. Moreover, the translation has to incorporate the correct terminology. The negative consequences of ambiguous or misleading safety instructions or manuals can be very serious, to name just a couple of examples of what’s at stake with technical translations.

That is why we always assign technical and industrial translations to people who are familiar with the subject matter, translators who know the specialised terminology in the source language as well as the target language. Depending on the topic and target audience of the project you assign to us, and your requirements in terms of style and terminology, we will find the translator who is the best match for the job.

In any case, we work exclusively with translators who have solid training, but we also expect them to have a reliable technical and industrial training or background before we will entrust them with technical or industrial assignments. We also maintain a database in which we keep records on our translators’ strengths and areas of specialisation. Each time they complete a new project, additional feedback is added. In this way, we are able to quickly determine which of our translators is the best match for your project.

Of course we realise that you are looking for a translation that’s not only highly accurate, but you want a user-friendly, legible result as well. And you should expect no less.

If useful for your project, we will create glossaries in order to consistently use the same terminology in various projects. We do this with the aid of translation software, which not only helps us to manage this terminology, but also to more rapidly find the correct words and translations for your text.

You can call upon the services of Lexitech for a wide range of technical and industrial texts:
  • Manuals translation
  • Instructions translation
  • Data sheets translation
  • Safety Information translation
  • Manufacturing standards translation
  • Patents and Claims translation
  • Verification and Validation translation
  • Test reports translation
  • Regulatory Information translation
  • Product Specifications translation

Of course you can depend on us to treat your documents with the necessary discretion.

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