Scientific and medical translations

We probably don’t have to remind you how important it is for a scientific or medical translation to be done correctly and accurately. If anything is unclear, or an element is missing from the translation, this could have a negative impact on somebody’s health, not to mention major financial and legal consequences.

But even when your documents need to be translated with the utmost precision, of course we understand that you also need them within the established deadline and budget. We couldn’t agree more.

In order to achieve this, we always assign the projects we receive to a translator who is specialised in the subject matter of that particular text. Translating a patent or patient information leaflet simply requires different skills than translating a newspaper article or a commercial text.

We maintain a database in which we keep notes on the strengths and qualities of all of our translators. We simply don’t work with translators who fail to meet our strict requirements. We keep our database up-to-date too, adding to our records each time a translator delivers a new project.

Based on this database, we seek out the most appropriate translator for each project. The translator who is ultimately chosen for your text will have a thorough education under his belt, as well as excellent knowledge of the source and target languages, will have demonstrated his abilities many times over to Lexitech, and will be specialised in the scientific or medical subject of your document, for example. You can be sure of it.

We also try to work with the same translator for your different projects so that the terminology and style will be as consistent as possible. If helpful for your project, a terminology list can also be compiled, which will be used each time we produce the translation for you. We have computer programs that help us compile these glossaries. The same programs also enable us to work more efficiently, and therefore, to meet the established deadline smoothly.

You can also call upon our services for a wide variety of medical translations:

You can also call upon our services for a wide variety of medical translations:

  • Product information translation
  • Drug leaflets translation
  • Press releases translation
  • Patent documents translation
  • PowerPoint presentation slides translation
  • Roundtable discussions translation
  • Conference material translation
  • Journal articles translation

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