Marketing translations

You’ve probably worked tirelessly to compose the commercial texts that define the image of your company or organisation. And rightly so. When you have those texts translated into a different language, of course you want to see all that meticulous editing, the quest for the perfect wording or slogan, reflected in the translation.

An overly literal translation is the last thing you want. In translating marketing and commercial texts, after all, it’s not just about correctly translating the content – frankly, that should be obvious -, but the translation also needs to convey the same ‘message’ as the source text. Lexitech can help you to achieve this.

Not all translators have the feeling and creative attitude to not just translate the content accurately, but to do it with a memorable or apt turn of phrase. We therefore assign the translation of marketing texts only to those translators who have the talent and have demonstrated this time and again on other projects. We maintain a database of all our translators, keeping records on their strengths and qualities, the projects they have done for us in the past, their background, etc. This allows us to quickly find the translator who is the best match for your project.

Of course, a creative translation may take a little longer, but you can nevertheless rest assured that we will respect the established deadline and budget. In other words, no surprises when you work with Lexitech.


  • Promotional flyers translation
  • Information packs translation
  • Annual company reports translation
  • Posters translation
  • Product leaflets translation
  • Public information brochures translation
  • Press releases translation
  • Marketing videos translation
  • Magazines translation


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If you are planning to entrust us with multiple projects, then we will compile a glossary so that we can be sure to consistently use the same terms, slogans and wording when we translate for you. Naturally, you’ll want to see that continuity in your communication. This is also a must for creating your company’s identity.