Legal translations involve a number of specific challenges

The legal system in the country of the source language may well be organised quite differently from its counterpart in the target language country. Certain terms may sound very similar, but may mean something completely different in the two languages. It is therefore not enough for the translators to have an excellent knowledge of both languages and to be highly skilled at the craft, but they also need to have a clear understanding of the legal systems and specific terminology in both countries.

What’s more, legal translations need to be extra accurate. If certain passages are unclear or even left out of the translation, the legal and financial consequences may be considerable.

Despite these extra challenges, we always respect the budget and deadline established in advance. By working whenever possible with the same translator for your projects, we strive to ensure continuity in the style and wording of your translations.

If desirable, terminology glossaries can be compiled from previous translation projects done by our agency. In addition, we also use computer aided translation programs to ensure that the same terminology is translated consistently and accurately. Glossaries and computer aided translation also help us to translate certain projects more efficiently.

In order to be able to guarantee the quality of our translations, we always choose the translator who is a specialist in the subject area of your project. Virtually all of the translators we work with have university degrees and translate exclusively into their mother tongue. Moreover, in the case of our legal translators, we expect them to have a legal background or to have had specific training. We keep a database with notes on the strengths and weaknesses of our freelance translators, their background and the projects that they have successfully worked on with us in the past. Only those translators who meet our exacting standards are kept on-board.

You can call upon our services for a wide variety of legal documents:

  • Certificate of accuracy translation
  • Wills translation
  • Trust translation
  • Contract translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation
  • Litigation document translation
  • Immigration documents translation

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