Financial translations

Liquidities, dividends, corporate bonds, mutual funds and mortgage bonuses… Just because you’re an outstanding translator doesn’t mean you know your way around the economic and financial world, we completely understand that at Lexitech.

In any case, we only work with translators who have a degree in their field, and who translate into their mother tongue exclusively. However, for financial translations we have additional requirements: the translators need to have specific financial training, or a financial background so that terms such as liquidities, dividends, corporate bonds, funds and mortgage bonuses are second nature to them.

We also always choose the most suitable translator to work on your financial documents. In order to find them, we maintain a database of the strengths and areas of specialisation of all the translators we work with. We keep records on their background and feedback on their past projects.

Where necessary, we also compile glossaries using translation software. This helps us not only to use consistent terminology across your various projects, but it also enables us to work faster and more efficiently, which helps us to meet our deadlines. Phrases that have already been translated elsewhere in the document no longer need to be retranslated.

It probably goes without saying that even the tiniest ‘details’ can be of the utmost importance in economic or financial subject matter. Our translators work with a meticulous eye for detail and are able to convert even the densest paragraphs into a user-friendly, clear and legible translation.

And of course you can rest assured that we will treat your financial documents with the necessary discretion.

You can call upon Lexitech for the translation of a wide range of financial documents:

  • Equity and bond research translation
  • Economic research translation
  • Mutual fund reports translation
  • Audit reports translation
  • Financial statements translation
  • Banking studies translation
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A) documents translation
  • Employee Consultation Forums (ECFs) and European Works Councils (EWCs) translation
  • Regulatory statements and reports translation
  • Press releases translation
  • Messages to investors and shareholders translation
  • AGMs translation
  • Meeting minutes translation
  • Conference material translation

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