What can Lexitech do for you?

Lexitech is the ultimate solution for all your translation needs, whatever the source language and target language required. Most of the commissions we receive come from the scientific and medical, legal, financial, technical, and industrial sectors. Website translations and marketing and commercial translations also account for a significant share of our activities.

For legal translationsscientific and medical translationsfinancial translations and technical and industrial translations  it’s not enough for the translator to have an excellent knowledge of the source and target language, he also needs to be familiar with the subject and the terminology in that particular field. After all, the slightest confusion or discrepancy between the source text and the translation can have tremendous consequences. No one wants to commit to vague terms in a legal document, or to be given unclear safety information or technical instructions.

Creatief omgaan met taal ...

For marketing and commercial translations and website translations on the other hand, a more creative approach is required. Of course, the content needs to be translated correctly, but it’s at least equally important that the ‘message’ that a marketing or commercial text brings across works as effectively in the translation. If a flyer or slogan is the result of a lot of creative effort, then of course you want the translation to have just as clever wording and nuance as the original text. And also for translating a website, it’s not just a matter of converting the content. Of course, you also want your translated website to score just as well on Google as the original website. This is known as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. But you don’t need to worry about that aspect: we have professional specialists who will take care of it for you.

We always find the best translator for your project: translators who are on one hand comfortable with scientific or medical, legal, financial, technical or industrial subjects, or on the other hand, linguists with a good commercial sense and a flair for marketing. Each of our translations is always reviewed by another specialist in the field.

You know exactly what your translation is going to cost, and you’ll always receive it promptly on-time.

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