A website is often the first step in the client journey – for many prospects, their first point of contact with your company is via a search engine.

It is no surprise that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been on the rise in recent years – after all, the first few pages of a search result can be crowded.

However, thanks to internal training and the careful selection of partners at home and abroad, Lexitech is able to offer a complete package of services, including the creation of high-performing web content for the multilingual and foreign activities of our clients.

Data analysis in the relevant markets is the starting point. In addition, we select translators who have had SEO training and who can handle the specific challenges of this area

SEO has become an important part of designing a web page, covering all aspects such as text, keywords, meta-description, URL, etc., which must all be critically reviewed.

Optimising a website is a task in itself that must be carried out regularly. It’s hard enough to do this in our own market, but once we switch to foreign languages and foreign markets, the picture becomes even more complicated.

The traditional ways of translating and localising are simply not good enough to be successful on foreign markets.