How do you manage your complex document challenges ?

With Schema’s ST4, we help you to get things in control !

SCHEMA’s ST4 CCMS (Component Content Management System), is a standardised XML-based software application that supports the fast creation, management, and publication of your multilingual product information.

SCHEMA ST4 excels in creating technical documentation for engineering and electronics as well as context-sensitive online help for software.

It offers powerful out-of-the-box tools, perfect for mid-sized companies and smaller teams. Standard features provide tools for quality assurance, version and variant management, and preconfigured templates in line with today’s standards (e.g. ANSI Z535.6) ensure a high degree of process safety.

SCHEMA ST4 is designed for easy integration into processes and IT landscapes, without changing the standard software, but simply by adjusting either the information model or settings in the configuration files.

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Content Creators

SCHEMA ST4 is a straightforward, accessible CCMS offering a wealth of powerful features to meet your needs.

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Documentation Managers

SCHEMA ST4 offers unparalleled tracking and reporting of content and empowers your team.

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Budget Holders

SCHEMA ST4 dramatically cuts time to market and drives down current and future project costs.

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Schema ST4 integrates seamlessly with three authoring tools: MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker and JustSystems XMetaL. This provides a flexible approach to authoring, which allows different users to edit content in their preferred environment.

Information Pool

The Information Pool stores all your content in a logical multilingual hierarchy, allowing you to build information structures that meet your exact requirements.

The Information Pool also includes a comprehensive graphics library, enabling you to manage localised graphics in different formats for print and the web.

Taxonomy and Variant Filters

Tagging of content to categorise it is essential for complex documentation requirements. Schema ST4 provides a powerful taxonomy system that enables you to categorise content to improve findability and provide powerful automation capabilities.

By using the taxonomy model to filter content you can create deliverables tailored to a specific product, audience or market – all from a single source of information.


Content and content structures can be reused across any number of deliverables whilst keeping their link to the original source; to repeat the single-sourcing mantra: ‘write once, use many times’.

Page Layout Designer

The Page Layout Designer (PLD) is an innovative feature that leads the way in this key area. It allows for visual creation of print layouts using a WYSIWIG interface – removing the need for creating complex XSLT or DITA-OT customisations.

Online Media Designer

The Online Media Designer (OMD) provides the capability to create completely custom HTML5 outputs from your content. Aided by a visual editing environment, the OMD allows you to create fully responsive websites from your content.

The OMD is not limited to creating websites, however – any online content can be created using the tool, from HTML Help to deliverables using the dedicated SCHEMA Reader app for mobiles and tablets.

Callout Designer

The Callout Designer is the perfect way to create multilingual overlays on existing graphics. A neutral base graphic can be used to add “layers” of text and annotations that are stored as XML and can be translated.

Automatic reflow of text creates a seamless process for localising your annotated graphics.