"We prefer to stay out of the picture."

After all, the best translation is the one that you don’t realise is a translation, and that the text was originally written in a different language. The less noticeable we are, the better.

Lexitech was founded in 1976, in Brussels. Since then, thousands of companies and organisations have trusted us with their multilingual communication. We’ve lost count of exactly how many there have been in the past 40 years, but in 2016 – because we were a little curious ourselves – we did compile some statistics:

Our 274 translators, who together provide 159 language combinations, have collectively translated some 17 million words for 334 customers in Europe and the US. That certainly is a mind-boggling number. And it’s only by reliably delivering good work for 40 years can you build up a client list on such an impressive scale.


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The translators we work with are thoroughly screened. Proper training is an absolute must, and we also expect them to have impeccable writing skills. We always select the translator who is the best match for your project.

What’s more, a translation will never leave Lexitech without a revisor giving it a final review (unless the client requests otherwise, for instance if timing does not allow for this review). It is only in this way that we can guarantee the highest quality to our customers. If you’d like to find out more about how we work, click here.

It’s certainly worthwhile to choose specialists for your translations. After all, a bad translation can cost you plenty, while a good one can even boost your revenues.

In a technical manual, for example, it is truly a matter of life or death that the correct instructions are given, in order to avoid accidents. In a legal translation, even the slightest ambiguity can make a big difference.

A good image also starts with professional communication. Where would you rather stop for a bite to eat? The place where their pies are home-maid? Or home-made? Would you risk purchasing an expensive set of furniture from a shop whose website announces that they offer ‘excellent customer surface’?

Companies with sloppy language on their website, in their flyers… they simply don’t inspire confidence in the customer. Why would your products or services be any good if the texts you use to communicate are not? You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Still a bit hesitant?

We can tell you that our translations are top-quality, but perhaps you’d rather find out for yourself? You can have us translate a sample text of 300 words FREE OF CHARGE. This way, we have the chance to show you that you’ve come to the right place, and you have the chance to give us a trial run before you entrust us with your project.

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